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Herbs & Spices - Overview

The integral part of any cuisine world over is its herbs and spices. Many centuries ago only kings and wealthy persons could afford such delicacies like cinnamons and cloves. Spice is a substance that enhances the flavor of food. However, a spice is much more than that; it is an herb with many medicinal values. As the world evolved, the properties and health benefits of varied herbs became known and people started to rely on herbal remedies more and more.

History of herbal remedies is very old. Since old times before modern medicine, people became ill and suffered from various ailments. In absence of modern medicinal remedies people relied on herbal remedies derived from herbs and spices. There are many medicinal herbs and spices, which find place in day-to-day uses, many of these are used as herbal remedies. Some minor ailments like common cold, cough, etc. may be cured by herbal remedies with use of medicinal properties of spices. Herbal remedies can be taken in many forms. Sometimes essential oil of herbs and spices are also used as herbal remedies. Action of herbal remedies may vary from human to human and care should be observed in using it.

But the value of medicinal plants, herbs and spices as herbal remedies is being lost due to lack of awareness and deforestation. The result is many valuable medicinal herbs are becoming rare and the precious information is being lost.

Herboveda India realised the potential of these herbs and spices and took the responsibility to promote this product of nature. Our aim is to preserve the knowledge of medicinal plants, herbs, spices and herbal remedies, which humankind has received from the past generations, for posterity.