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History & Milestone

Since its inception in 2004, Herboveda India has continued to learn and grow to a commanding status in the industry. The Company has come a long way in popularizing and making easily available a whole range of natural products. We have set very high standards in developing products and processes that meet stringent quality norms. As it grows even further, Herboveda will continue to mark up on major milestones along the way, setting the road for others to follow...

We have pioneered Stevia in the country with the vision to make this zero calorie natural sweetener a part of your daily diet which shall lead to global expansion of Stevia and other natural products. Herboveda has led the way educating companies and individuals about the “goodness of Stevia”. Not surprisingly, it has today become synonymous with Stevia in India and is the largest supplier of Stevia to food and beverage manufacturers in the country.

Apart from Stevia, Herboveda has developed clientele for other natural sweeteners like Xylitol and Erythritol. Herboveda India is also venturing into other natural products like Curcuma Longa and Curcumin Extract. With our rich and innovative portfolio, we soon will become leaders in the bio-based solutions.

Having started our business operations from selling Stevia to international and domestic clients, in a short span of 6 years we have added the following products in our product line – XylitolErythritolCalcium Tablets, Turmeric.

The journey has just started...