Private Labeling

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Herboveda India is the pioneer in establishing Private Labeling of Stevia products in the form of sachets, tablets, spoonable and liquid. These products conform to the highest standards of food safety and will surely bring cheer to the millions of diabetics, weight watchers and health conscious people in India.

Herboveda India’s integrated supply chain provides consumers with confidence of quality.

As the leader in the marketing and formulations of Stevia products in the country, Herboveda India recognizes the importance of having the worldwide perspective on the Stevia industry. We understand that successful new products and re-formulations begin with actionable consumer insights. We know that our ingredients are an important part of shaping an overall successful consumer concept.

Our Herboveda India Insights Group invests in extensive proprietary qualitative and quantitative research in collaboration with our customers. Consulting with our key stakeholders, from marketing to R&D, we answer the questions that matter most to you.

We offer a vast portfolio of Stevia sweetening ingredients to meet the category specific and targeted calorie reduction levels necessary for global food and beverages manufacturers.