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Management Team

Piyush Mittal

Piyush Mittal, a Chartered Accountant by qualification, chose to associate himself with natural products. Born with a strong charisma and hunger to excel, Mr. Piyush Mittal is a symbol of performance, drive and affirmation. An expert in numerous management methods, he influences the internal financial controls and external dynamics of the organization, synergizing them with success.

He has spent the first few years educating people, food companies and personally experimenting with the natural products. He envisioned the magnitude of natural sweeteners and other natural products, leading to be the key founder and promoter of Herboveda India and thus anchors the corporate stratagem.

Contrary to his business sense, Mr. Piyush Mittal got into natural products without a business but a Mission. His joy lies entirely in the happiness of deeds well done and in the zest of creating new things and fresh goals. His vision is to make Herboveda India a global organization, whose very name spells trust and commitment.

Over a short period of two years, he has extended the branch of natural products to Stevia, Xylitol, Erythritol, Turmeric, Calcium Tablets with Vitamin D.

The Mission is far from over and the journey has begun…


Leena Mittal

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Ms. Mittal, is one of the key initiators of the company. Vibrant and a forward-thinker, she manages and runs day to day operations and activities of the International Business. She is the Company’s spokesperson. With an array of planned and operational responsibilities, she provides the strategic, visionary leadership and guidance in the demeanor of operations. She also provides tremendous zeal and strives to excel in executing projects.

An exemplar of learning & awareness, Ms. Leena Mittal has the power to transform opportunities into success. Principled yet open to fresh thoughts and ideas, she has always used emerging practices and business models for rapid growth and sustainment of its own kind.