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Our Advantage/Strengths

The strategic planning at Herboveda India involves listing of our varied strengths and the subsequent health and safety of our valued customers. To ensure that we are headed in the right direction, a thoughtful and a competent review of our strengths is fundamental.


Utmost quality of our products

Our company wants to be known for being synonymous with high quality Stevia products worldwide and we constantly keep that ideal at the forefront of absolutely everything we do We ensure to follow highest eminence standards to manufacture our products. The products are tested in premier laboratories for strict adherence to international safety guidelines and regulations. Without compromising on the purity of the products, Herboveda India

In order to do business with us, suppliers must have an international quality standard certification, such as GMP or ISO. For more information on the quality control standards that we have put in place to ensure that we offer only the best, see the Quality section of our website. 


Highly trained Workforce

Our effective and dedicated team believes in the fact that attitude determines behavior and behavior determines result. It is eventually the outcome of our dedicated efforts and endless quality monitoring that the user gets its faith in our products. The wholesome and a positive working environment is what our workforce gets exposed to which helps them to attain maximum result from their hard work. In order to remain effective and competitive, we constantly thrive to determine our team limitations, if any and we work upon it.



Our customers want outstanding products. Along with these products they are also rest assured of a backing of:

We are not just the manufacturers but the solution provider....