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Poised to become a US$ 1 billion industry by the end of 2011, Stevia has experienced a 400% growth in sales in a single year in the US itself.
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About Us - Corporate Profile

Herboveda India as a whole is committed to design and deliver bio-based ingredients for healthier and safer products. We provide products and services to the best known leading health food companies and the dieticians in the country. We help our partners in the food and beverage industry meet demand for products with a low or zero sugar content – without compromising on taste.

A global food industry that is continually seeking sustainably safe and healthy ingredients has held faith in us and our products. We have become a First Choice provider for them. Our focus areas substantially are substitute sweeteners, herbs and spices and natural supplements. Produced from natural raw materials to improve the nutritional profile and quality of food and beverages, our products include no additional chemicals.

Based on our profound knowledge of ingredients, we offer a global understanding combined with strong local expertise in the development of the innovative and competitive solutions our customers need.

To extend our offerings, we have included in our stable of products

The products are sourced from leaders in the field with proven high quality products and state of the art compliant infrastructure. Herboveda India enjoys strategic relationships with them.