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Herboveda India as a whole is committed to design and deliver bio-based ingredients for healthier and safer products. It has been the pioneer in supplying zero calorie Natural sweeteners which are a flavorsome alternative to sugar. After becoming the leader in Natural Sweetener industry, Herboveda India extended its arms into other natural products like Turmeric, etc.

With the ever increasing demand of Nutritional Supplements, Herboveda India has also got into manufacturing of Calcium Tablets. Owing to the purity and benefits of our products, Herboveda India has got increasing recognition in India as well as overseas.


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Work with us

Everyone who works at Herboveda India is judged by the quality of their work. We provide a supportive, caring environment for the people who work with us. As owners and employees, we all share responsibility for running a profitable business, and we will all benefit from our success.

Private Labeling

Herboveda India is the largest Stevia Private Label company in India catering to Indian and foreign companies. Till now, we have developed almost 25 Stevia brands which includes companies from Australia, US, UK, etc. We deal in Stevia tablets, sachets, Spoonable, liquid, etc.
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